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I was inspired to create the wish shell because, through personal experience I know how important it is to take time to sit for a few moments every day and rejuvenate our inner core which connects to the energy of the universe which some of us refer to as God.

I like to compare rejuvenating that energy like placing a plug in an outlet, all of our electronic equipment such as cameras, computers, TV’s etc all need to be recharged to have power (energy) to work , since we are also made of energy we also need to recharge, and one of the very important ways we can do that is through meditation, visualization and pray (any form of prayer).
This is the time where we can not only recharge but also connect to the universe sending out our thoughts, concerns and wishes for the future. Whether it is for a new job, relationship, or a health concern doesn't matter, what is important is making the time for this quiet dialogue so the universe can really here your message. I choose the sea shell to help you with this process, because it is already in it's own pure form full of natures energy. As a certified Reiki master I bless the shell with Reiki for what ever your personal wish may be, continuing to energize the shell I add Feng Shui symbols and tarot cards.

The wish shell has all the right elements to get you started in the manifestation of your wishes now it is your, job to plug into the universe and clearly state your hopes and dreams.

The instructions will describe how important it is to pay attention to the negative messages you may be telling yourself which are preventing the manifestation of your desire so follow the instructions, making sure when you meditate you are clear and positive . Take your time, you are the producer of your life story all you need is the script and the knowing without any doubts it will be Let your personalized wish shell help you manifest all your dreams

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Many Blessings
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