Do you want to know what your Pet is thinking? Do you want guidance for your pet's health or personal needs.

Diane Animal Communicator/ Psychic Medium can communicate with your pet for those answers.

Diane's love of animals is so strong that when her parents moved into their new home when Diane was seven years of a age, a wild blue jay came down from a tree to wake her every day by banging his beak on her window so she can feed him berries. She would look up at the trees and call Blue Jay and he would come flying to her and land on her hand. People were amazed they had never seen a wild bird fly to anyone before.

On another occasion Diane was shopping, as she noticed a beautiful German Shepard following her. She would go in and out of stores when she began to realize the Shepard would wait for her outside every store, and than begin following her where ever she would go. Diane knew this dog was going home with her and started to converse with him on the walk home. He was absolutely beautiful but Diane already had a dog named Rocky who was very protective of her so Diane was unable to keep the Shepard. She found a home for him with a lot of property as her psychic abilities told her that he needed a lot of space and running room.
Diane loves animals and personally has had many pets of her own.

Diane has been channeling messages to help clients with their pets for over twenty years and has also received messages for pets who have crossed over to the other side. Diane usually gives these messages during a regular session with her clients but is now offering a separate service for her clients, "Readings for your pet."

Diane will listens to any messages your pet may have for you than answer your questions, along with a body scan of your pet for any health issues.

If you are interested please e-mail Diane at